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Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero rocher


A delicacy made of luscious and creamy chocolate, delectable and crunchy wafers, and the palatable taste of hazelnuts, Ferrero Rocher, is atop the list of best chocolates in the world, and for a good reason too. The mere creation of it requires delicate handling due to the highly intricate steps involved. And it is these very detailed steps that make up the unforgettably scrumptious taste that we all know and love so much. The elegance embedded in this chocolate is what has made billions of people all around the globe avid lovers of Ferrero Rocher. So how exactly did this phenomenon come into being?

The History:

First introduced in the year 1979 by one Michael Ferrero, he initially named the chocolate Rocher De Massabielle after a grotto in the Roman Catholic Church’s Shrine in the town of Lourdes. Unfortunately, immediately after its release, the entirety of the production was halted due to an issue with the label printing. However, the vigorous efforts of all the people involved brought it back to life again in the year 1982, in a small Italian town situated in the hills of Piedmont, Italy.

The remarkably fantastic part about the said chocolate was that the brand made it entirely from high-quality ingredients. Not to mention the utterly unique construction of the chocolate that never ceases to delight the consumers. And thus, a phenomenon was created that quickly became known worldwide as the best chocolate on the planet.

The Ingredients:

It is the quality and type of ingredients that make all the difference in the world when it comes to the taste. And with Ferrero Rocher, the divine taste is all at the behest of the classy ingredients utilized in the making. Starting with a whole, roasted hazelnut in the center, the shell covering the nut is made of a thin, flakey wafer extremely fragile to the touch. Enclosed in the wafer shell, along with the hazelnut, is hazelnut chocolate to keep the nut in place and add a level of texture and taste.

After the chocolate and hazelnut are covered with the wafer shell, it is then dipped into a creamy and smooth mixture of milk chocolate. After that, when the chocolate is still somewhat wet to the touch, it is then covered with crushed hazelnut to add more texture to the surface. And voilà, the infamous Ferrero Rocher is completed. Ferrero rocher

The Marketing:

After getting famous almost immediately in Italy, in the same year of its creation, the brand then launched the chocolate in a number of various European countries. And unsurprisingly, whoever tasted the chocolate, fell in love with it. And the demand seemed to grow more and more.

With a vision of growth and the love of their nation behind the chocolate, the creators opted to commercialize it through intelligent marketing and landed a spot for a TV commercial in 1983. And so, the unforgettable and iconic Ferrero Rocher advertisement came into being those, instigated sales throughout Europe, making millions in profits. Chocolate made with quality ingredients and available at affordable rates attracts customers like honey attracts bees. And what was one to do after making such massive amounts in profits? The creators chose to keep the dream alive and started working towards launching internationally.

International Launches:

After its strategic marketing, the brand name Ferrero Rocher started reaching the world’s far ends. And with the amazing sales going on in Europe for almost half a decade, the company decided to opt for its first-ever international launch in none other than the United States of America in 1988. For the next couple of years, the brand Ferrero Rocher garnered publicity and popularity in the USA. Not only that, but it expanded and became one of the most premium chocolate category leaders of the time.

After the immense success in the USA, Ferrero Rocher started selling in China in 1994, establishing a national and international reputation of being a pioneer in the high-quality and classy chocolate category. Not too late after, in 1996, the brand expanded more in terms of reach and started being sold in Russia. As of now, Ferrero Rocher, the epitome of premium chocolate, is sold worldwide and can be found in every country in the world. about website

The Message and The Packaging:

Throughout the world, Ferrero Rocher is known for its golden wrapping and presentation. And due to creative marketing, this chocolate soon became the face of Christmas, instigating feelings of celebration all around the world.

The drive behind the creation of this chocolate was to be able to make a classy, sophisticated, enriched with luscious flavors and taste and make it available to a much wider public. And seeing the brand mounting the ladder of success throughout its decades, I would not be false to assume that Ferrero Rocher did precisely what it sought out to do.

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