Phone Tripod Stand

Phone Tripod Stand

In this modern day and age, novice and professional photographers and video makers alike look to minimize the hassle. And rightly so, with the increased use of social media and a fast-paced world where delivering fresh media content is necessary, a phone tripod stand is certainly a remarkable tool for everyone.

Phone Tripod Stand: The Modern Techie’s Friend: 

A tripod stand was an uncommon sight, owned by professional photographers at events. Now, you see every other social media personality debating the pros and cons of a phone and camera tripod stands. We’ve moved from textual content to images, and from images to videos (as per public preference). And as a result, the need for gadgets to enhance camera results is on the rise.

Therefore, a tripod stand is a practical gadget for professionals as well as any tech and photography/videography enthusiast. Best of all, you don’t have to look far to own a great one. Once available at a digital tech store, a phone tripod stand is one of the best-selling items at most online shopping platforms. Given the increased use and thus a demand for better quality or added features, you’ll find yourself surrounded by tons of brands when you conduct a simple search for a tripod stand.
We’ll guide you about the uses of a phone tripod stand. And therefore, you’ll know the features
to look for when purchasing one so that you can use yours comfortably and get every penny’s
worth. But first, let’s look at the two common types of phone tripod stands—and which one is for

Table Stand Vs. Floor Stand:

Professional photography and videography tripod stand usually just come in the floor-length variety with some flexibility. However, a phone tripod stand is a different story. Given how compact smartphones are, they can easily be propped up on a small tripod. Therefore, you can choose between two kinds of stands: table and floor stand.

A table stand usually has a very limited height range (provided you’re shopping for the adjustable kind). The benefit of a fixed or minimally adjustable height is that it is quite sturdy. This makes it perfect for attending video calls or filming close-up tutorials such as journaling videos, crafts, recipes, and more.
On the other hand, a floor tripod stand is–you guessed it–placed on the floor. It has a good height—anywhere between 4 to 6 ft high. Some tripod stands are extremely adjustable, going down to the height of a standard table stand. Likewise, are and extendable enough to turn into a stand that matches your own height. These are ideal for all kinds of photo and video uses, which we’ll discuss further on.

Phone Tripod Stand: Do You Need One?

A tripod stand may not have been on everyone’s wish list once. But now, it’s hard to deny that it is in fact a very useful piece of equipment to have around. Whether you are active on social media or not, you need a tripod stand. 

We’ll get to its main uses in a while, but let’s see how an everyday smartphone user can leverage the hands-free, elevated ease of a tripod stand. A tripod stand isn’t just for help in taking pictures and videos, but in viewing them as well. Sure, you can find smartphone stands for that purpose. However, these are quite short and not ideal when you’re standing as you watch a particular tutorial. Having your smartphone screen at eye level or as close as possible is ergonomically beneficial and even lessens eye strain.

Second, you get to keep your phone safe. Holding your phone while doing your work one-
handedly is the number one drop risk. A phone tripod stand gives you back your hands for work.
Plus, it helps keeps your nice, clean screen safe from scratches and smudges. As for the photo-taking or video-making benefits of a phone tripod stand, we’ll discuss these below.

Filming Professionally:

There is a plethora of benefits of having a sturdy tripod stand—but none match the advantage that is quality filming. And not just still shots, but any kind of footage you need. A tripod stand is like an extension of your arm, that allows better control over your photo or video camera. Capture footage with unique angles in a fluid motion which would otherwise be impossible if you were simply controlling your video camera with your hands. Whether we are talking rapid footage of skateboarders or smooth shots of a couple’s engagement shot at the beach, a tripod stand is your best companion for professional filming. Moreover, you get the added advantage of introducing better lighting to your shots, as most professional tripod stands are robust and can be equipped with light features.

The only primary thing to keep in mind when you order a tripod stand online is to check its weight capacity. Professional cameras intended for filming are not lightweight. A strong tripod stand not only helps ensure the safety of your expensive camera but also helps manage the weight of the said camera when you take complicated shots.

Tutorials & More:

Ever wonder how your favorite blogger or influencer gets just the right angle and lighting for videos that get hundreds to thousands of likes? Any social media personality worth their salt invests in a quality tripod stand. The stand serves so many purposes. Its most basic purpose for social media photo and filming needs includes tutorials, unboxing PR packages, and more. Then, you’ve got your ‘day in my life’ footage or outdoor shoots for brands. A tripod stand that can be shortened or extended (with no compromises on structural integrity, of course) easily is the tripod worth investing in as early in your social media career as possible.

Now you may be thinking that this isn’t a huge deal, that a tripod stand is not a unique gadget. True, but not just any tripod stand does the job of taking those high-quality, natural touch shots. When browsing a tripod stand, look for features such as highly flexible, preferably bendable parts. Plus, look for sturdiness with respect to placing your stand on different surfaces. Part of using your tripod stand for taking photos and videos in a variety of places is using unconventional spots. Finding unique places to get that amazing, Instagram-worthy shot also means choosing the strangest places to prop your phone or camera. Therefore, a flexible tripod stand helps overcome the awkwardness of that.  Phone Tripod Stand

Continuous Footage & Time Lapses:

Nature photos and videos are some of the most amazing things on the internet. These are calming in the midst of the chaos that is fast-paced social media. However, that gorgeous shot of a bird nesting or a flower blooming is not as simple as it seems. Behind the scenes is a dedication to camera work…made possible by a great tripod stand. Unwavering in face of natural factors such as strong wind or uneven terrain, a tripod stand enables nature photographers and video makers to take those fantastic shots and footage. 

The key to finding the perfect tripod stand for outdoor use is in the best materials used to manufacture it. We’re talking stainless steel, weather-resistant rubber and silicon, and other basic elements that make up that stand. This means checking product description as well as looking at customer feedback to check what’s stated is what’s packaged. Buying from brands that are verified by the platform is always a good idea. Why? You get a warranty and can make a complaint or claim if your tripod stand does not fulfill its purpose as advertised by the manufacturer.

Academics & Work Uses:

Naturally, the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a phone tripod stand…are photos and videos. But if the peak of COVID-19 and its consequences taught us anything, it’s how technology serves a purpose beyond entertainment. One of the many awesome uses of a phone tripod stand is the ability to attend online classes and conference calls. All without the hassle of holding your phone or propping it against awkward surfaces!

Let’s face it, your webcam does not deliver the kind of video quality you get with modern smartphones. Whether we’re talking Whatsapp video calls or Zoom meetings, a phone is preferable. And to make things more accessible, you need a tripod stand.  You can go for a table-top stand or an adjustable stand, depending on your preference. When buying a tripod stand in-store or online, make sure that it reaches an ideal minimum length.

Otherwise, you’ll get tired of craning your neck to get yourself in the shot during your meetings. Second, look for something that can bear the weight of a heavy smartphone plus any light accessories (you may not always have access to a well-lighted area when attending video lectures or meetings). Having a quality tripod stand is also vital if you are giving interviews via video call or working in a hybrid setting with daily video call needs.

Event Planning Prop:

A multipurpose tripod stand–one that can be adjusted for a phone as well as a professional camera, is the perfect tool in your event planning arsenal. Whether you’re a professional event planner or your social group’s designated host, you need a quality phone tripod stand.  It serves the purpose of taking nice photos and videos of your efforts for your portfolio and social media, as well as taking photographs of people at the event (if that is what you offer in your package or event-hosting duties). Additionally, behind the scene footage is always a welcome feature on any event planner’s social media. A tripod stand is useful for filming those awesome time-lapse videos, especially if you’re working solo.

When shopping for a phone tripod stand with event photography in mind, make sure you get something super strong, the kind of stand that isn’t easy to knock down. Although most best- rated tripod stands are robust, a little careful consideration is still necessary when making an online purchase. Your tripod stand should also be equipable with lights, as you may be using it in the dark outdoors more often than you think.

Features Of A Phone Tripod Stand To Look For:

Having covered the top uses of a phone tripod stand, you’ve got a clearer picture of how you will be using it. Based on this you can look for the must-have features in your stand:

Sturdiness & Grip
Strong at the top and the base with a lined phone holder that does not lose its grip even when
equipped with a heavy smartphone–that’s what you need. It is vital that you check how much
max weight your tripod stand can bear. Remember, you’re looking to eliminate the hassle of
holding your phone or propping it against surfaces. Therefore, the last thing you need is a tripod
stand that keeps tilting and requires constant adjustment.

For any angle you need to take pictures or videos from, your tripod stand should deliver. Vertical
or horizontal, tilted up or down, rotated at any angle that suits your needs–a tripod stand flexible
enough to do all this is a tripod stand worth investing in. Of course, don’t forget to check how
well the stand holds when you tilt or rotate your phone, as shifting the weight away from the
center will affect the base. 

The word ‘adjustable’ may apply to most tripod stands you browse online. The question is: how
adjustable is your stand? When buying one look for a nice range in height adjustability. Your
stand should be high enough that you don’t have to tilt it too much, like for instance when you’re
taking a photograph with tall people. Likewise, it’s ideal if it can be shrunk down well enough for
tabletop use. 

Other Practical Features Of A Phone Tripod Stand:

The following features don’t necessarily affect the proper usability of a tripod stand, but their addition sure makes the experience more wholesome:

Visual Appeal
Let’s face it–everybody looks for an aesthetic advantage when buying tech or gadgets. Sure you
love that phone for its array of features, but it helps convince you if the exterior is sleek. The
same goes for a phone tripod stand; you need a sleek design. Although you should not move
away from a quality tripod due to its bulky knobs and stands, getting a slimmer look with nice
metallic touches is an added benefit. However, prioritize strength and durability before you
move to visual appeal.

A couple of extra knobs and screws on your tripod stand for adding lights or other props are a
plus. Though most ring lights come with their own stand and certain mobile ring lights can be
clipped on the phone itself, there’s no harm in adding a few bucks if your tripod stand is also
equipable with gadgets for shooting clearer photos and videos. about website

If you’re looking to use your tripod stand on the go, especially for outdoor photography and
videos, check out the ones that are easy to store and carry. Portability is not a tricky feature to
find in phone tripod stands, as most are extendable. However, the more compact your stand
can become when not in use, the better.

How & What Kind Of Tripod Stand To Buy:

Given the popularity of this gadget, you’ll likely find the best brand of tripod stand that is not locally available. Rest assured shopping for a phone tripod stand online as you can depend on video tutorials and customer reviews to make your decision. Make sure to check the specifications of the tripod stand you like, particularly the height (fully extended and closed), the maximum weight its holder can take without tilting, 360-degree movement (highly recommended) with sturdy fixtures to hold the phone in position, and the
durability of the materials it is made out of.

As for which tripod you should buy, the decision is entirely up to what you will use it for. An adjustable tripod stand is ideal, even if you simply intend to use it for video calls for studies and work. You can use your adjustable tripod stand to take group friends and family shots and for other fun projects. As for a professional purpose phone tripod stand, go for all the bells and whistles you can find in online brands. Do stay within the boundaries of good sturdiness and flexibility–and you’ll have a great time using yours!

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