Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker

Do you want a speaker that’s loud, emits quality sound, and packs a bunch of features? Look no further than Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker, the portable speaker you’ve been looking for. It’s going to be the highlight of any party, so you don’t want to miss it!

The Anker Soundcore Motion Plus is a lightweight multifaceted Bluetooth speaker that’s well suited for both indoors and outdoors for its portable build. If you are looking for a speaker that’s light yet offers an array of features, this is your next pick.

Here’s what we like about the Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker:

Hi-Resolution Audio:

The Motion Plus speaker facilitates excellent audio that’s loud enough to make for an incredible outdoor speaker. The programmed Qualcomm® aptX™ technology further improves sound quality when splaying sound via Bluetooth connectivity. At max volume, Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker provides a captivating music streaming experience. The above standard volume features include outstanding mid-range coverage.

Where most lightweight, compact Bluetooth speakers fail to deliver precision sound from low to high-level bass, Motion Plus packs quite a punch for rich sound, facilitated by the exclusive BassUpTM technology. Good things do come in small packages. Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker is proof of the fact that you don’t have to spend an arm and leg on an elaborate sound system to get good quality music.

This speaker is your ultimate companion for house parties, as the sound can carry well over the humdrum of a small crowd.

Good Range of Controls:

Turning the volume up or down isn’t the only thing people look for in modern speakers. in fact, one-in-all devices are all the rage, and Anker Soundcore certainly takes the lead. The mechanism of a speaker is top-notch when you can use it physically as well as remotely. Single button control for sound quality control, such as bass, is an added bonus.

So, needless to say, Anker Soundcore is a popular speaker in the market due to the control system too.When it comes to controls, the Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker is feature-rich.

  • To skip, press the button twice. Press three times if you want to go back.
  • Use the speaker to accept/deny and end calls. This, of course, requires you to enable Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Increase your audio’s bass with the Bass Up button on the top-left corner of the speaker.
  • The top of Motion Plus also includes two buttons to manually adjust the volume and a third button alongside to pair a device over Bluetooth. The light indicator flashes blue when searching for a device to pair with or to indicate an incoming call.

Incredible Battery Life:

The battery life of a speaker is one of its most important aspects. The need to charge a portable speaker repeatedly dampens some of its fun. However, when it comes to battery life, Anker Soundcore speakers surpass many of competitors’ products. If you are looking for a speaker with amazing sound quality and superb battery capacity, let’s tell you why this speaker beats them all.

The Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker has unrivaled battery life. The built-in 700mAh battery is rechargeable, dismissing the need for active charging and an outlet. Soundcore boasts a 12-Hour playtime; however, several user tests show that the speaker’s battery can last as long as 15 hours.

It’s the perfect solution for long summer days out of doors listening to your favorite music, dancing the night away to the latest songs without the stress of battery running out. However, note that the frequency of use can alter battery life. The feature allows you to set an automatic shutdown timer without audio (The timer range includes 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes). Anker sound speaker

Compact & Handy:

Unless you are talking about a speaker that’s meant to stay in one room, make sure this sound box is easy to carry. With the invention of headphones, earphones, and now wireless sound devices, the need for speakers has diminished. However, speakers remain music lovers’ top priority for party sounds, which is why portability is such a valued factor. Lucky for you, the Anker Soundcore Bluetooth speaker offers unmatched

The Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker weighs just a little over a kilogram (1.05 kgs, to be precise), which means it is light enough to carry around. The build is quite compact; you can easily fit the Motion Plus speaker in your bag for a pool party, hiking trip, and other outdoor activities. And if you want it for your home or hostel, you don’t have to lug around a heavier speaker from room to room.

The Motion Plus speaker is battery-powered, another great addition to its list of perks when it comes to picking a lightweight speaker. Since there’s no need to find an outlet, its outdoor use becomes hassle-free. Rest assured, the battery is terrific enough to last you a full day’s use (we’ll discuss this next). Motion Plus’ Bluetooth connectivity feature further enables easy mobility between rooms and devices.

Where it lacks the depth of a larger audio device, the Motion Plus speaker makes up for it in a compact, sturdy exterior with IPX7 waterproof capability.

Perfect Pool Party Companion:

Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker features a rubberized silicone backing with a durable metal grille encasing in the front. Therefore, the entire speaker is quite pool-party friendly. No need to worry about water splashed ruining the exterior because this speaker can withstand exposure to moisture—as well as dust.

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The rubber backing also provides a great grip, so you can easily carry it to and from the pool. The premium enclosure stabilizes the speaker when resting on various surfaces. Hence the reason Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker is a fantastic
beachside buddy too!

Custom Graphic EQ:

For those of you who are new to customizing your sound, the equalizer can be a boggling aspect of a speaker. Luckily, Anker Soundcore’s graphic equalizer is quite easy to understand and use. Like any other equalizer, these controls can help you alter vocals to make them more suited to your sound preferences. Whether you like your music on the lighter side with lower or on the heavier side with higher bass frequencies, the graphic EQ is quick and simple to control.

The Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker features fully customizable equalization, accessible via the Soundcore application. It is also pre-programmed with various EQ settings such as Original, Classic, Heavy, Voice, Bass Up, and Bass Off. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Adjust the sound to your liking. You can try out a preset or fully customize the EQ using the range of frequency levels in the application. In regular listening, the speaker provides a comfortable and clear sound at as low as 50% volume

The Verdict:

In a nutshell, the Soundcore Motion Plus Speaker is a stellar new introduction to the world of portable speakers, practical for indoor and outdoor music. It provides a complete frequency range with a well-balanced mid-range to produce clear and concise audio for songs, soundtracks, and even podcasts.

The complete exterior of the speaker deserves a hearty nod of approval. You can carry Anker Soundcore Motion Plus Bluetooth Speaker around the house and out by the poolside. Carry it with you when you go hiking or cycling, or camping. The manufacturers have tried and tested the speaker in various environments. You can take it anywhere to party, and it will maintain its visually amazing look and sound quality.

The compatible Soundcore app makes it hassle-free to control the settings from the ease of another room or a distance for outdoor use. The wireless stereo pairing provides a loud and immersive sound for an incredible and memorable audio experience every time!

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